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Samia Companies LLC and its affiliates have owned and managed residential and commercial real estate for over 40 years. The cornerstone to our business model is to provide safe, clean, well maintained, affordable housing to all tenants.


We pride ourselves in having a staff of dedicated employees that are primarily focused on servicing the habitational needs and comforts of roughly 5,000 tenants. We provide a 7 day 24 hour maintenance service which is supported by more than 100 employees and sub-contractors. The majority of our Boston-based properties are equipped with a common area state-of-the-art security fire system. This system is computer monitored 24 hours daily and all security breaches are immediately transmitted by an independent third party agency to local fire departments.


We sincerely hope that your occupancy in one of our many properties results in a safe, comfortable and enjoyable experience. Our entire staff looks forward to serving you.

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Our professional management team and approximately 100 professionals and subcontractors are dedicated to providing quality services to our thousands of tenants.


Our maintenance operation is on call 24/7 and can repair and maintain our properties quickly and efficiently.


Additionally, in conjunction with our maintenance department, the majority of our residential services include a common area 24 hour state of the art security system. All security breaches are immediately transmitted to local police and fire departments by an independent third-party agency.


We are excited to now offer all of our tenants online maintenance ticket submission. If you need to report a maintenance related problem please follow this link to open a ticket online or by phone.


  • Administrative Office:617-783-1024
  • Fax:617-782-1398

  • Maintenance Office:617-734-7800

  • Equal Housing Opportunity



The Samia Companies LLC is the managing agent for the Landlord. The purpose of this handbook is to provide you with essential information so that you may enjoy a trouble-free tenancy. Please read it and keep it handy.


If you are a new tenant you must call to have the billing for separately metered utilities transferred into your name as of the day you occupy. If this is your first account, the utility company may require a deposit. Call the utility company promptly or they may disconnect your service. Some utility companies require at least a week’s notice to transfer service. Be prepared to call early.


  • Boston Area National Grid 617-469-2300
  • Middleborough Middleborough Gas & Elec. 508-947-1371


  • Boston Area EverSource 800-592-2000
  • Braintree Braintree Electric 781-348-2353
  • Middleborough Middleborough Gas & Elec. 508-947-1371
  • Outside Boston National Grid 800-322-3223
  • Fitchburg Until 800-301-7700

You must make your own arrangements with these utility companies since they may need to enter your apartment.


The Tenant shall be solely responsible for any and all costs associated with the installation, maintenance, repair or upgrade of all telephone and/or cable service supplied to the unit. In addition, the Landlord makes no representations regarding the fitness of any existing phone or cable wires and connections.


Rent payments are accepted by check, money order or bank check. Second party checks will not be accepted. A $25.00 fee will be charged for returned checks. You will not be billed for your rent. Rent is due and payable on the first of each month. If rent is late more than two times within a twelve-month period your lease may not be renewed.

  • Check Payable to:Samia Companies Agency Account
  • Mailing Address:Samia Companies LLC
    60 Leo Birmingham Parkway
    Brighton, MA 02135
  • Drop Box:
    *Please No Cash
    Outside front door entry of building
    60 Leo Birmingham Parkway, Brighton, MA 02135
  • Front Desk:Between 9:00 and 5:00 PM

Please list your apartment address and number on all rent payments.


Rent is due on the first of each month. Any rental payment that is more than 30 days late will be subject to a late charge, which will be added to the tenant ledger.


If a violation of your lease contract occurs, either for non-payment or for breach of terms and conditions, and the matter results in legal proceedings, the tenant shall be held responsible for all costs associated with this case, including but not limited to court filing fee, services fee, and legal fees.


It is strongly suggested that you contact your insurance agent regarding obtaining a renter’s insurance policy. The landlord’s building insurance does not cover your personal property.


Our maintenance office is now open on the 1st of every month, regardless if it is on a weekend or a holiday, from 8 A.M. to 11 A.M., except on September 1st, on which the maintenance office is open from 9 A.M. to 5 P.M. Please call maintenance at (617) 734-7800 if you require any assistance once in your unit.

MAINTENANCE 617-734-7800

We encourage all of our tenants to submit non-emergency work orders at thesamiacompanies.com/maintenance Please call 617-734-7800 for maintenance. If you have an emergency and the office is closed, the 24-hour answering service will contact the emergency maintenance personnel. Janitorial personnel are assigned to all buildings. Their responsibilities include cleaning of halls, hall windows and outside areas, etc.

DO NOT: tamper with the boiler. It is a criminal offense and can be dangerous to both you and the building. Please call maintenance if you have a problem concerning heat.

DO NOT: attempt to clear a drain using acid such as DRANO as it damages the pipes and creates a hazardous condition for the plumber who comes in to clear the clog later.

DO NOT: use hand dishwashing liquid as a substitute for automatic dishwashing detergent in the dishwasher. This causes the appliance to overflow and may cause damage for which you are responsible.

DO NOT: put foreign objects in the plumbing fixtures. A $125.00 service fee in addition to any other costs will be charged to remove any foreign object. It is recommended that you have a toilet plunger so that you may clear minor toilet clogs.

You will be charged all costs associated with your failure to comply with the above.


One entry/apartment key per tenant is supplied. For security purposes, keys are issued only to tenants named in the lease. Proper identification must be presented before a key will be issued including:

Lost Keys: Duplicate keys may be purchased at the Maintenance office at 225 Kelton Street, Allston, for $10 per key. Please call the Maintenance office at 617-734-7800 to order keys.

Mailbox key: One mailbox key per apartment is issued. If you lose the mailbox key, you are responsible for the lock replacement cost of $100. If the mailbox lock is not working properly, please call maintenance for repair. Do not tamper with the mailbox, as it may constitute a federal offense.

Lock Out: A $75 lock out fee will be charged during office hours (Mon-Fri 9:00 AM. – 5:00 P.M.) A $125 lock out fee will be charged if after office hours (Mon-Fri 5 P.M. – 9 A. M. and all day Saturdays, Sundays and Holidays).

Lock Changes/Additions: To ensure prompt repairs and control of emergencies, lock changes or additions are not permitted without written consent. If you wish to have a lock changed or have an additional lock installed the current cost for a lock change is $75 and $175 for installation of a new/additional lock. Please contact the Maintenance Department at 617-734-7800 to confirm cost and installation information.


Maintenance charges a $75 fee to reset the breaker or change the fuse. To avoid this fee, familiarize yourself with the breaker/fuse box. Should you need help locating these, call the maintenance department at 617-734-7800 to ask directions & location of boxes. A $125 fee to reset the breaker or change the fuse will be charged if after office hours (Mon-Fri 5pm-9am and all day Saturday, Sunday and holidays).


Please call the maintenance office (617-734-7800) if you have any questions concerning rubbish/trash disposal. A $100.00 fee will be charged if rubbish is not left in the proper area. Proper disposal of trash is necessary for the cleanliness of the building. It is important that all tenants cooperate by using plastic bags to dispose of trash. Tenants will be charged for city/town trash tickets issued as a result of tenants’ actions.


Any car parked in a reserved Samia parking lot without an authorized parking sticker will be towed. Trucks, boats, trailers, oversize or unregistered vehicles are not permitted in any lot/parking accommodation and will be towed at the owner’s expense.

Current stickers should be displayed in the rear window. If rear window is tinted then please display sticker on the front windshield. Failure to properly display a sticker may result in the vehicle being towed.

Stickers are not transferable and must be returned to Samia Companies LLC upon termination of your parking rights. A $125.00 fee will be charged for an unreturned sticker. Vehicles parked in fire lanes will be towed at the owner’s expense. Any car parked in a guest parking space for more than three (3) days will be subject to towing.

If you purchase a new car, you must return a sizable piece of this sticker along with a copy of your new registration before a new permit will be issued. If your car is going in for repair and you get a rental, it is your responsibility to make arrangements with us to get a temporary pass. You will be asked for the vehicle’s registration and for rental documents.

Samia Companies LLC will NOT reimburse towing expenses.

Buildings Where There Is No Charge for Parking:
Although parking is available at various locations, every tenant cannot be guaranteed a parking space.

Tenants must have an authorized parking sticker. Before an authorized sticker is issued, the tenant must show proof of tenancy and automobile registration, which shall be kept, on file.

Parking stickers may be obtained at Samia Companies LLC office Monday through Friday, 9:00 A.M. to 5:00 P.M. You must have a sticker BEFORE parking in any lot.

Buildings Where Parking Is An Additional Charge:
A sticker will be issued with the parking lease. Should you need parking please call the Samia office for parking rates and availability. Guest parking is not available. Advise your guests not to park in the lot or they will be towed.



There is absolutely no smoking permitted in any common area including but not limited to common hallways, laundry rooms, stairwells, basements, etc.


RADIATORS: The knob located at the bottom left of the radiators in most units is not a regulating valve to adjust the heat. Please do not touch this knob. If a service call is required due to leaking or banging pipes and it is determined that the valve was shut off, you will be billed for any damage and service call. If you have a problem with the heat please call the maintenance department at 617-734-7800.

IF YOUR LEASE PROVIDES THAT YOU PAY FOR HEAT AND/OR HOT WATER please read the following policies concerning individual heating systems:

GAS and OIL SYSTEMS: The Samia Companies LLC contracts with a company to service individual heating systems. This service is available 24 hours a day by calling 617-734-7800. Fuel companies are not authorized to perform any boiler maintenance. The Samia Companies LLC will not pay for any unauthorized service call or repair. And, any repair and/or service required, as a result of an unauthorized repair will be charged to you.p>

OIL SYSTEMS: If heat is supplied by OIL, it is your responsibility to monitor the fuel gauge and not allow it to go below the quarter mark. There is a minimum service charge of $75.00 to you if you run out of oil and the boiler must be restarted during regular business hours (Mon-Fri 9am -5pm), a $125 fee will be charged if after office hours(Mon- Fri 5pm-9am) and all day Saturdays, Sundays and holidays. There will be a charge for all parts and labor charges for anything more than priming the system due to running out of oil. ONLY authorized personnel may restart the boiler. Your landlord will not buy back-unused fuel. Any oil remaining in the tank at the end of your lease will be deemed abandoned.


To prevent water pipes from freezing during cold weather, do not turn your thermostat below 50 degrees Fahrenheit. Please be sure your windows remain closed when your apartment is unattended. If damage occurs as a result of frozen pipes, you will be held responsible for the cost of the damage. If you have oil heat and are responsible for filling the tank please make sure that the tank does not run out of oil.


Upon move-in please familiarize yourself with each and every exit way for your apartment, including any fire escape. Be sure to develop an evacuation plan with any roommates that provide for the quickest and safest exit from your apartment using the exit ways. In the event of fire or emergency alarm sounding, please follow this plan and proceed to the nearest exit.

Please make sure that all smoke and carbon monoxide detectors are working at all times. Call 617-734-7800 if you have any questions concerning the operation of a detector. Smoke and carbon monoxide detectors are for your safety as well as the other tenants in the building. Do not tamper with, disengage or remove a detector. A $75.00 charge will be assessed to reconnect a detector, which has been tampered with or removed.

If the smoke detector goes off in your apartment due to a cooking smoke problem and not a fire, open a window and call617-734-7800 immediately. Please do not open your door to the common hallway. If you open the apartment door to vent your apartment, the main building fire alarm may go off and the Fire Department may respond. The Fire Department may classify the call as a false alarm and charge the property up to $200, which will be charged to you. You will also be charged for the Alarm Company’s service call to reset the system.

HALLOGEN LIGHT WARNING: Please follow manufacturer’s instructions. Do not place light near curtains or allow it to overheat.


If you are interested in painting your apartment, the Maintenance Department supplies white and off-white paint They will estimate how many gallons of paint are required and charge a deposit of $20 per gallon. Payment must be in check or money order, no cash is accepted. Supplies, brushes, etc are not included. Paint pick up is at the maintenance office, 225 Kelton Street, Allston, MA. Please call 617-734-7800 before picking up paint. The deposit refund will be processed upon your completion of painting and return of the paint cans to the maintenance office. Paint cans must be returned within 30 days of deposit. If you paint your apartment any color other than white or off white and do not return it to white or off white at the end of your tenancy you will be charged the cost to repaint.


No washers or dryers are permitted in any apartment. Some buildings are equipped with individual coin-operated laundry facilities. These are provided as a convenience and your landlord and/or his agents are not responsible for loss of money or loss of or damage to clothing. Please remember to keep the laundry area neat and clean by using the trash receptacles provided. Please contact Maintenance at 617- 734-7800 for repairs.


The fire code specifies that nothing be stored in hallways, stairwells, basements or egresses such as porches, fire escapes, walkways, etc. Please keep those areas clear of trash/rubbish, bicycles, carriages, etc. Any and all items improperly stored in these areas will be removed and stored. Removal fee of $75 and storage fees of $40/day will be charged. Call maintenance 617-734-7800 to retrieve items. Items not retrieved within 10 days will be disposed of. No roof access is allowed except in the case of an emergency.


The buildings are exterminated on a preventative routine basis. However, should you have a problem PLEASE call the Maintenance Department at 617-734-7800 to schedule an extermination.

You will be given notice of extermination with instructions. To effectively treat the building, your apartment must be properly prepared in accordance with the instructions. Failure to properly prepare is a breach of your tenancy/lease. If the extermination cannot be performed because you are not properly prepared you may be charged a service fee and the extermination will be re-scheduled. If you again fail to prepare your landlord will have no choice but to seek a court order and/or eviction.

The cleanliness of the building is essential to avoid pest problems. Please store all food items in closed containers and promptly dispose of all brown paper grocery bags and cardboard boxes as both frequently contain insect nests.


Please do not chip away ice in an attempt to speed up defrosting. Defrosting takes time and must be done using the appropriate dial setting and allowing ice and frost to melt. The walls and tubing of the freezer are easily punctured by either sharp or blunt instruments. If you puncture the tubing or walls the refrigerator must be replaced and you will be required to pay for the replacement which may exceed $600.00 plus $75 per hour per man.


The installation of Satellite dishes is strictly prohibited and will be removed immediately at the tenant’s expense. Any and all damages to the landlord’s property as a result of the installation will be charged to the tenant.


The installation of Satellite dishes is strictly prohibited and will be removed immediately at the tenant’s expense. Any and all damages to the landlord’s property as a result of the installation will be charged to the tenant.


The use of grills and hibachis is strictly prohibited. No grills of any kind are permitted on the premises.



DOGS ARE NOT ALLOWED IN ANY PROPERTY. One cat with written consent of Landlord, which consent may be at any time revoked. In seeking the landlord’s written consent for a pet, please contact your property manager.


Please be considerate of your neighbors. Pursuant to the terms of your lease, loud music between 11:00 PM and 8:00 AM is not permitted. Noise, which creates a nuisance, is not permitted at any time of the day. Noise complaints must be in writing and sent to the property administrator.


Solicitors are not permitted in any of the buildings. Building security requires everyone’s cooperation. Do not allow strangers to access via intercom system or as you enter or exit the building. Please report any problems with security doors or locks to the Maintenance office immediately.


Only people named in the lease are permitted to occupy the apartment. Unauthorized occupants will be cause for eviction.

Additional tenants and/or substituted tenants must be approved by the Property Administrator. If you wish to add or substitute a tenant please call the Property Administrator to obtain the proper forms to be submitted. No additions or substitutions are permitted unless the forms are completed and approved. All named tenants continue to be obligated under the lease until the substitution is approved.


Subletting or assignment is not permitted. In the event that all tenants named in the lease desire to terminate the lease prior to its expiration they must all notify Samia Companies LLC in writing of their intent to vacate and provide the date of vacancy. The giving of this notice shall grant the landlord and its agents permission to show the apartment to prospective tenants. Samia Companies LLC will then list the apartment for re-let. All tenants named in the lease will continue to be responsible for paying rent under the terms of the lease until its expiration date or until the apartment has been re-let with a signed lease. An administrative fee of half the current monthly rent will be charged to the tenants, as provided for in the lease, to compensate for administrative costs and brokerage commissions incurred due to early termination of the lease.


Tenants shall be responsible for any and all damages cause to the unit, including without limitation, water damage caused by open windows. At the end of your lease agreement, your apartment is expected to be completely empty. Both kitchen and bathrooms are to be thoroughly cleaned, all carpets shampooed and all floors swept and left clean. Refrigerators, stoves, ovens, toilets, tubs and vanities MUST be left clean or cleaning charges will be incurred.

Revised November 17, 2015


Click here to download a rental application in the Adobe PDF format.

Click here to download a Tenant Rider and Emergency Contacts Form 2021 in the Adobe PDF format.


Click here to download a guarantor application in the Adobe PDF format.


Click here to download a parking application in the Adobe PDF format.


Click here to download the Tenant's Handbook application in the Adobe PDF format.


Click here to download the Change of Phone Number form.


Click here to download the Checkout form in the Adobe PDF format.


  • Your apartment landlord’s insurance policy does not cover your personal belongings when they are damaged or stolen.
  • You may be liable for damage done to the apartment or house as a result of a fire due to your negligence.
  • If someone gets physically injured while on the property that you rent, you can be held legally responsible that person’s medical expenses.


Q: What does renters insurance cover?

A: You would be covered for:

  • Furniture
  • Clothing
  • Appliances
  • Many other personal belongings
  • Some of the improvements you’ve made to the rental unit
  • Certain items you take while traveling
  • Additional living expenses if you have to move out during repairs

Other than possessions, renters insurance covers personal liability coverage that provides you, your friends, or family with financial protection if someone is accidentally injured or their property is damaged while in your apartment or the damage is caused by:

  • You, your children, or pets
  • Your personal activities including most sports

Your apartment policy also covers:

  • You, your children, or pets
  • Your personal activities including most sports

Q: Are there any optional coverage when it comes to renters insurance?

A: Yes, they are:

  • Content replacement cost-allows you to repair or replace most personal property in your apartment with no deduction for depreciation.
  • Additional coverage: Extends protection or increases limits on special types of property, such as jewelry, guns, and silverware. It boosts your personal liability and provides personal injury coverage, so you are protected against libel, slander, defamation, and similar offenses.

Q: Are there any discounts available?

A: If your apartment is equipped with any of the following you could be eligible for a discount:

  • Anti-theft devices
  • Smoke detectors
  • Fire alarms
  • Deadbolt locks
  • A sprinkler system
  • Fire Extinguishers

Q: How much is renters insurance and how do I pay for it?

A: Renters insurance is quite affordable, ranging from $50 a year and up, depending upon the amount of protection and coverage you would like. You can either pay the premium up front or setup an electronic funds transfer and have the monthly payments withdrawn from your account.


Q: Can I get a discount on my auto insurance if I have renters insurance?

A: Yes, you are eligible for a discount on your Auto insurance if you have an apartment insurance policy.


Q: How do I get a free quote or sign up for renters insurance?

A: Please call a local insurance representative, such as Kunevich & Lau Insurance at (617)731-1015, or via email at [email protected] for a free quote or to find out more information.


Please let us know when you have questions or need assistance with your home. Our team is available to assist you 24/7. If you have a maintenance request, you can submit it online by clicking here

In the remainder of this section you will find useful tenant related information on the services, rules and regulations, and forms available for download.